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Photo credits from Top Left to Right: Paula Court, Russ Rowland

 From Botton Left to Right: Russ Rowland , Vicky HyunJin Lee, Paula Court


Upcoming Events 2018-2019


November 9, Fridays at Noon at the 92nd Street Y

Lecture/Demonstration titled, "Cosmic Catalyst" with Catherine Turocy and The New York Baroque Dance Company.


Friday December 9th  Mertz Trio's Those Secret Eyes

An original production by Merz Trio featuring dance soloist Caroline Copeland and lighting design by Neil Creedon. Text, dance, and lighting is interwoven with music by Brahms, Schumann, Verdi, Johannes Maria Staud, and Charlotte Bray.



Friday February 9th    La Joie de la Danse/Capital Early Music

Saint George’s Episcopal Church

915 N. Oakland St. | Arlington, VA


Dances and Music from the courts, ballrooms and theatres of 18th century France And England

Choreography and Performance by Caroline Copeland

For More Information: Capital Early Music


Tuesday March 19  Nights at Sceaux.  Moody Performance Hall, Dallas TX 

The Dallas Bach Society and The New York Baroque Dance Company 

For More InformationDallas Bach Society


Tuesday April 2 Catherine Turocy presents a lecture/demonstration with dancers of the NYBDC at the Maison Francaise, NYU.


June 20-23 The Mystic Fountain: A legacy of expressive gesture embodied from the Baroque to Denishawn


What do early modern dance and early ballet have in common? The expressive body, of course! 

In our American legacy, Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, and Ted Shawn explored the expressive body in a surprisingly similar fashion as their baroque counterparts, John Weaver, Marie Sallé, and Jean-Georges Noverre. Their commonality lie in a study of expressive gesture and a tradition of teaching that goes back to the Greco-Roman aesthetic. What was their aim? Truth. Beauty. Persuasion.


For More Information: NYBDC Weekend Workshop


July 7-13 International Summer Academy 2019.   Löftadalen Conservatory, Åsa, Sweden

Advanced/Professional Levels


Main course advanced and professional level, yoga, dance conditioning, stretch/massage, improvisation, composition, Cramér composition analysis and baroque dance notation. 


Teachers: Béatrice Massin, Caroline Copeland, Ottilia Bergström, Sofia Barkevall, Lena Cederwall Broberg and Karin Modigh.


For More Information: Löftadalen Conservatory









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