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Photo credits from Top Left to Right: Paula Court, Russ Rowland

 From Botton Left to Right: Russ Rowland , Vicky HyunJin Lee, Paula Court


Upcoming Events 2020



March 27th Merz Trio's Those Secret Eyes  The Sheen Center, NYC

An original production by Merz Trio featuring dance soloist Caroline Copeland and a new movement collaborator, Emma Jaster. Text, dance, and lighting is interwoven with music by Brahms, Schumann, Verdi, Johannes Maria Staud, and Charlotte Bray.  For More Information and Links to Video: Merz Trio


June 7th-June 10th Burg Rothenfels Symposium Special, "Le Carnaval de Venise", Burg Rothenfels, Germany

I will be teaching a 4 day workshop leading up to the annual dance symposium at Burg Rothenfels. The workshop will focus on my choreography for the Boston Early Music Festival's production of Campra's "Le Carnaval de Venise". Specifically, I will teaching choreography AND questioning my choices as choreographer. Often, we never get a second chance to improve upon our work so I will using this opportunity to try just that!

For more information: Burg Rothenfels Dance Symposium








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